PTFP - Book

How to break through the middle field in Network Marketing and reach financial freedom. #PTFP is a book for the advanced.


The world of network marketing has been waiting for this recipe for success. Mario Oreggia is one of the most successful network marketers in the world, and with this book he has taken up a topic within the network marketing industry about which so far hardly anyone has written. In his world, leadership is not always leadership. He redefines the TRUE leadership in network marketing. Instead of focusing on starting or the basic groundrules, his focus is clearly on the strategies that will catapult you from midfield into the highest careers. This is your springboard to the top. | #PTFP is a book for the advanced. | Softcover, 148 x 17 x 210 mm

Further description

Are you tired of jumping up and down the middle of your career plan for months or even years? Do you feel like you are stuck on the spot? You want to finally see the success and achieve financial freedom? Mario Oreggia is one of the top 10 in the network marketing industry worldwide and made the leap from a hard-working waiter in a family-run restaurant to a multi-millionaire. With his creative ease and unmistakable directness, he has built thousands of sales people and inspired millions of consumers. His credo „The strength of your organization is not measured by your downline, but by your true leaders“, he has been living for over a decade and success proves him right. If you also want to break out of midfield and achieve financial freedom, this is your book!